Quality Policy

(ISO 9001:2008: Clause: 5.3)


Dunston (Ship Repair) Ltd is committed to quality. Our aim is the cost-effective repair and maintenance of vessels. Providing high quality products and services in accordance with customer requirements and market demands.

Dunston (Ship Repairs) Ltd considers the following when setting Quality Objectives

  • To continue and meet the needs of customers, such as responding promptly and efficiently to their requirements.
  • To supply quality products and services and to deliver the same on time
  • To provide competent, trained staff and adequate resources to meet agreed customer requirements.
  • To review our operations on an on-going basis to give continuous improvement to our Quality System and to our products and services.
  • To keep up to date with the latest technologies and developments within the industry to provide our customers with the highest level of service and product available.
  • To provide products and services which are compliant with statutory requirements as regards safety and the environment and to the provision of services and products.
  • Our business culture is largely based on quality awareness, involvement and motivation of all our employees. We promote this concept through systematic training and information at all levels. The quality assurance of our products and services is founded on comprehensive Quality Management and focused on the principals of continual improvement.
  • The primary aim of our Quality Management System is Total Customer Satisfaction.



Richard Bourne                                          Date 1st January 2014

Managing Director