Environmental Policy

(ISO 14001:2004: Clause 4.2)


Dunston (Ship Repairs) Limited acknowledges its responsibilities to perform ship repair activities in a manner, which do not degrade the environment within, near or away from the business location or wherever the work of the company is carried out.

We are committed, not only by current environmental legislation, but also morally to conduct our business activities such that no environmental nuisance or harm is caused.

The management and staff recognize that the existing work practices and facilities require continual improvement to maintain conformity to increasingly stringent environmental legislation.

Dunston (Ship Repairs) Limited utilize methods incorporated within the Quality/Health & Safety (OH&S) and Environmental Management System to provide assurance that the integrity of ship repairs have due regard for safeguards against marine pollution and that the correct methods are used for the control and monitoring of reception, recycling, transportation and recycling of all industrial and marine wastes.



                                                                                                 Date: 1st January 2014

Richard Bourne

Managing Director